Tylia Simpson
Freelance graphic designer

Freelance graphic designer with 3 years of experience. Based in Montreal. Available for remote-friendly freelance work.

I enjoy diving into the nitty-gritty, breaking things down, and piecing together visuals that not only nail the technical aspects but also bring that artistic wow factor!


I’m Tylia — a freelance graphic designer with 3 years of experience. I find joy in creating designs that convey a message loud and clear. Currently based in Montreal, Canada.

I kicked off my design journey at FTF Select, a basketball program. I started by designing their logo then branched off into creating posters, as well as other graphics for their social media page. FTF wasn't just a job; it evolved into a creative playground where I explored diverse facets of visual storytelling.

In the midst of capturing the team's spirit on posters, I also captured the team through photography and videography. This immersive experience at FTF not only laid the foundation for my design skills but also fueled my fascination with the dynamic intersection of visuals and sports.

FTF Select was more than a starting point in my design journey; it was a pivotal chapter. It was here that I learned to fuse creativity with action, setting the stage for subsequent ventures in the dynamic and exhilarating world of design.


Branding & Identity


Mockups & Prototypes

Social Media

Adobe Creative Suite


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If you want to chat about a project — email me on tyliasimpsondesign@gmail.com.

No idea where to start? No worries—I've got your back. From brainstorming your brand to turning concepts into cool stuff, I'm here for the whole ride. Need logos, packaging, social media graphics, posters, or something else entirely? Just shout, and let's make it happen.

Currently based in Montreal — available for remote-friendly work.